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Strata Inspection Report


STRATA INSPECTION REPORT – A report providing the knowledge a purchaser needs to negotiate or to provide reassurance and insights.

Strata Schemes 2-149 units – $350

Strata Schemes 150-199 units – $410

Strata Schemes 200+ units – Contact us

All inspection fees charged by strata manager & GST.
Client Due Diligence Rebate eligible

Vendor Strata Inspection Report


VENDOR STRATA INSPECTION REPORT – A Strata Inspection Report that is ordered and paid by the vendor when their property is listed for sale. The report is available for all prospective purchasers at no cost.

Strata Schemes 2-149 units – $350

Strata Schemes 150-199 units – $410

Strata Schemes 200+ units – Contact us

All inspection fees charged by strata manager & GST.

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Cancellation Policy
If you cancel a report prior to completion S2Q Pty Ltd reserves the right to charge the client for the following percentages of our Fees and associated costs:

  • 100% for completed Reports
  • 50% for partially completed Reports (inspection done but not yet prepared)
  • No fee for incomplete Report (no inspection done)

All fees quoted on this website are in Australian Dollars AUD and are inclusive of Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST).

The information supplied by clients will be used by Square 1 Stratafor the purpose you have requested. Square 1Strata may provide the clients mobile phone and / or email address to our property partners. Clients can opt out of this service by contacting us at hello@square1group.com.au or phone 1300 408 771.

Inspection Report limitations
Our Inspection Reports are prepared by reviewing documents supplied by the owners corporation or by their strata managing agent. No responsibility will be accepted for errors or omissions should the report be found to be incorrect, as it is possible that some of the records were not made available for inspection. The information provided relates to strata schemes within New South Wales only. As legislation can differ between Australian States and Territories this information is not to be construed to apply to any other state or territory.

Square 1 Strata Inspections accepts no liability to a third party in the event that this report is provided to a third party other than the client named in this report. Should a third party become in possession of this report an updated Inspection Report should be obtained.

Inspection of the owners corporations records is carried out in accordance as per Sections 182 & 183 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015

Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 Section 182

  1. Persons who may inspect. An owner, mortgagee or covenant chargee of a lot in a strata scheme, or a person authorised by the owner, mortgagee or covenant chargee, may request the owners corporation to allow an inspection to be carried out under this section.
  2. Form of request. The request must be made by written notice given to the owners corporation and be accompanied by the fee prescribed by the regulations.
  3. Items to be made available for inspection. The owners corporation must make the following items available for inspection by the person who makes the request or the person’s agent: (a) the strata roll, (b) any other records or documents required to be kept under this Part, (c) the plans, specifications, certificates, diagrams and other documents required to be delivered to the owners corporation before its first annual general meeting by the original owner or the lessor of a leasehold strata scheme, (d) if in its custody or under its control, the certificate of title comprising the common property or, in the case of a leasehold strata scheme, the certificate of title for the lease of the common property, (e) any applicable 10-year capital works fund plan, (f) the last financial statements prepared, (g) every current policy of insurance taken out by the owners corporation and the receipt for the premium last paid for each such policy, (h) if a strata managing agent has been appointed, a copy of the instrument of appointment, (i) if a strata renewal plan has been given to owners for their consideration under Part 10 of the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 , a copy of the plan (j) any other record or document in the custody or under the control of the owners corporation, (k) if the duties of the owners corporation under this subsection have been delegated to a strata managing agent, any other records (including records of the strata managing agent) relating to the strata scheme that are prescribed by the regulations, (l) if a building manager agreement is in force or has been entered into but has not yet commenced, a copy of the building manager agreement, (m)particulars of any service agreement entered into by the owners corporation, (n) particulars of any agreement entered into with a local council for a strata parking area, (o) if the request is made within 5 years after the end of the initial period, particulars of any orders made under section 27 and copies of any related contracts or other documents.

Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 Section 183

  1. An inspection under this Division is to take place at the time and place, or by the means, agreed on and, failing agreement, at the parcel at a time and on a date, or by the means, fixed by the owners corporation under this section.
  2. If an applicant and the owners corporation fail to reach an agreement within 3 days after the owners corporation receives the application, the owners corporation must immediately give the applicant a written notice fixing a specified time (between 9 am and 8 pm) on a specified date (not later than 10 days after the owners corporation receives the application), or a specified means, for the inspection to take place.
  3. The means for inspecting documents may be in person or through electronic access to the documents or any other means agreed on or fixed under this section.
  4. A person entitled to inspect a document may take extracts from, or make a copy of, the document but must not, without the consent of the owners corporation, remove the document from the custody of the owners corporation.

Prohibition on the provision or sale of our Inspection Reports
Our Inspection Reports may not be sold or provided to any other person without our express written permission, unless the client is authorised to do so by legislation. If we give our permission it may be subject to conditions such as payment of a further fee by the other person and agreement from the other person to comply with this clause.

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